I tell this to all my clients. Relax, you’ve got this. You already have what people want to see – just be yourself!

There’s no special secret to getting a great actors headshot, you just need to believe in yourself. Anyone can do it…

I had a great headshot experience, I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. Anthony was able to get so much from my headshots and made me feel so confident. 

Rebecca Blythman

Hamilton Management

Anthony was Super Professional whilst being really open and approachable. I had a million questions and he was more than happy to answer them without getting annoyed. The shoot itself was really relax and he kept it fun.

Jason Coyle

Professional Photography for Awesome Actors!

Hi! I’m professional headshot and portrait photographer Anthony Farrimond and I help ambitious actors create modern, professional images. I’ve been working with other creatives now for over ten years and thrive on the interaction between two creative souls coming together for a common goal.  You’ve been looking for images that show off your true potential, ones that make you stand out from the crowd, I’m here to help you do that. All you need to do now is get in touch!

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