I love weddings! There’s nothing like the celebration of two people in love and a wedding celebration is special to everyone. Let me tell your love story honestly, in photos.


So much love, so many emotions. Every wedding is a tender story, unique and unrepeatable. I am here to tell it through my photos.

Story telling is the essence of wedding photography. Wedding photography is more than just capturing images. It’s paying attention to details and moments, and ensuring that the story truly unfolds.

I am a wedding photographer based between Leeds, Harrogate, and York, Yorkshire. I don’t focus on trends, I don’t focus on ‘inspiration’, I LOVE the people in front of my camera. I believe that raw, natural emotions are more important than the finest details. I call them as I see them, and my images are consistently natural, artistic, and real.

Anthony told a story, from beginning to end we have one of most precious days documented beautifully.

He made our day so special. Anthony was was professional, polite and made us all feel relaxed, at times we didn’t even know he was there. I still can’t stop looking at our wedding album. Thank you for a superb day full of lovely memories.

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