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I’ve been working with businesses and charities for over ten years, helping them with their PR campaigns and branding. One day someone asked me to photograph a dog…

Hosting an event

Engage with your ideal customer or visitor, offer a unique experience, increase foot flow into your store or event and more importantly, with zero running costs.

How we do it

Find out how I work together with R&R Country at their two stores in Selby and Melton Mowbray. From booking to set up and working with your visitors, this is a formula that just works.

Find out more

I do all the work! We set a date and then I handle all the bookings. If you use social media to connect with your customers I can help with that too. The best way to find out more is to have a chat.

How I ended up photographing dogs

Have you ever been so passionate about something that what you do never feels like work? I’ll never forget when my partner asked me to photograph her Grandparents dog, Buster. We had travelled down to see her family and she wanted to do something special for them. So we arranged what was to be my first dog portrait. We sent them a framed print a short while later.

I was amazed at how the portrait was received, not the gesture as much as the fact that her grandparents had something tangible, a lasting memory of their beloved dog. It’s true what they say, a photograph isn’t real until it is printed.

What I discovered was that they could never get a ‘good’ photograph of their dog but it was something they had wanted for a long time. It was either an issue of time, money or not knowing where to go.

I couldn’t get the idea of working with more dogs out of my head and finding a way to create high-quality dog portraits in both a small space and a limited amount of time. That’s when I created the pop-up portrait days.

For charities a percentage of the sitting fee can be made as a donation!

Why should you host a pop up portrait day?

It’s important for retailers to consider more than their price point these days. Customers aren’t just shopping for the best deal — they’re shopping for the best brand. That often is about customers perception of your brand as well as the relationship you have with existing customers and the keystone to that relationship is trust, one of the main reasons for shopping at a particular store.

Equally for charities, when preparing for a public event it’s about feet on the floor and providing the public cause to donate. If they’re not ready, you want to be front-of-mind when they are. 

One way to establish trust and a strong community of loyal customers/visitors is by hosting events. Through events, you’re able to build and nurture the relationship your customers/visitors have with your brand.

Boost foot traffic

Whether or not you have an online store, the goal to increase foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location is infinitely present. Hosting in-store events gives customers a reason — other than spending money — to come to your location.

Even if your store isn’t open for business transactions during the event, you can use it as a way to make customers want to come back during business hours to shop for your products.


Get to know your customers

Having an event in your store creates the opportunity to speak to your customers and to get to know them in a different way.

This is especially useful if you have been in business awhile. Doing some customer research can give you a fresh perspective – find out whats important to them.

Inspire Customer Loyalty

Customers want more for their money and are willing to pay for the experience of shopping with you. Providing that something extra special at one of your stores, with excite and inspire customers to come back to you time after time.

How we do it –  R&R Country

Before the event

Once we’ve agreed a date, I set up an appointment booking service for your visitors to reserve a session (here’s an example of a store booking page). All the session fees are handled online and at the time of booking.

I publish posts on social media on the build up to the date and can provide creatives for you to share with your email subscribers and on your social media channels too!

On the day

I usually arrive 60-90 minutes before the start of the event to set up and can fit the whole studio in just under 3x4m (if you have a limited amount of space in store get in touch to discuss potential options).

During the event

Visitors who have pre-booked will have a specific start time and with a buffer in place between slots, there won’t be any queue’s. If any one does turn up without a booking, I try to accommodate them if there any empty slots left.

Although the welfare of the animals are the owners responsibility, we advise all visiting dogs are kept on lead at all times, even during their photo session.

After the event

Within 10 days of the event the gallery of images shot on the day is posted online and individual emails are sent out to the attendees. In most cases a complimentary image is included in the fee and purchases of additional prints can be made. There are no hard sales tactics employed after the event.

Lauren from R&R Country talks about the events we run…

I originally approached Anthony 3 years ago after having the idea of running a dog portrait day at our equestrian and country stores. We wanted do to something a bit different for our customers, something that would be fun, that they could get involved in and that would subsequently get more people through our doors.

Anthony was really helpful, totally up for the idea and helped us set up the whole process. Each dog portrait day we have run has been a success. I’ve also had my own dogs photographed on the days and the quality and value for money is brilliant. Our customers and staff alike all really enjoy the days and it’s since turned into an annual event that we run at both our stores.

Anthony is friendly, approachable and has a great way with the dogs (and their owners!) as well as being a very skilled photographer. I would definitely recommend giving a pop-up dog portrait day a go

Lauren Barker

R&R Country

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Pop Up Portrait days. Hopefully it’s of interest but if you have any questions or your would like to arrange a chat, please fill out the form below.

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