5 Tips on getting Organised

5 Tips getting Organised

Anthony Farrimond

Sometimes it feels like everything comes all at once and you can get nothing done, then the stress sets in!  I’ve picked up different tricks and tips over the years to help get better organised, here’s the 5 that make the biggest difference!

1. Just do it

This is effectively dealing with a task, an email, call or chore before it ends up on a list.  I think we all have one don’t we, the list of things that are all a priority and all need doing yesterday!

Here’s a great way to deal with these kinds of things, just do it!  Washing up needs doing? Just do it!  Need to reply to an email?  Just do it!  How about calling a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while? Just do it!

It takes a bit of mental training to get the hang of this, putting things off is a common human trait, a habit which you have to break out of and when you do you’ll find you have so much more time and a real sense of achievement too!

Need to reply to an email?  Just do it!

2. Clear out the clutter

If you have moved as many times as I have in the last two years, you become quite good at this however having a good clear out shouldn’t be reserved to just when you relocate.

Whether you run a busy office, work from home or just trying to keep on top of things around the family, keeping clear and tidy encourages a much more productive environment.

How many boxes of ‘stuff’ do you have in the office?  Is there a cupboard you keep everything in that doesn’t have a home?  Is the shed slowly starting to bulge at the seams?  It’s time to sort out the clutter, I tend to work on the basis that if it hasn’t been used in 6 months it’ll never get used but you decide what the time frame should be, just don’t make it too long!

What I end up with tends to be two piles, one for the local skip or recycling bin and a larger one for the charity shop.  Even clothes that are beyond wear can be used by charity shops who can sell them on as rags to be recycled by other companies!

3. Plan ahead

If you’re starting a special project, perhaps a show, an exhibition, a big order for a customer or a road trip with friends, a good thing to start with is to draw up a plan.

Don’t worry about becoming Mr or Miss clipboard, having an idea of what you need to do and by when is just a simple way of reducing stress.  Plans can change however so be prepared to adapt with them.

When I receive an new enquiry I follow the same plan every time, I think about what I want to achieve, how I want to do it and when these things should be done by.  Do you travel to clients addresses?  Write up a list of things you always take and have that handy for each time you go, you can do the same when you go on holiday and if you don’t have a list make one! Just do it!

Go through your plan the night before, visualise each task or part of your day and mentally check off everything you need to have a successful day!

When I receive an new enquiry I follow the same plan every time, I think about what I want to achieve, how I want to do it and when these things should be done by.

4. Keep a ‘Todo’ list

Keeping a to-do list will help you get things done, plain and simple.  It’ll also help you prioritise the tasks you need to complete too!

Why keep a todo list? It’ll just be another thing to do! – It’s best not to think of to-do lists as a chore, something dragging you down, quite the opposite, it’s like having a personal assistant if done right!

A to-do list doesn’t forget! Need to prepare for the 9:00 am meeting, no problem! Need to buy some more light bulbs, a to-do list will remind you! Thanks!

A to-do list will also help you prioritise, need to get cash out before buying the lights? Sometimes we get stuck getting things done because there are so many things to do it’s difficult to work out what to do and when.  Prioritising will help you achieve everything!

I’m a huge fan of to-do list’s, I use a website called Todoist and honestly, I couldn’t live without it.  It’s an extension of my work and home life, I’m more productive and happier having achieved something each day.  3 of many features I use on a regular basis are the ability to schedule tasks, assign tasks to other users like family and friends who share projects and set reminders that trigger when I arrive at a specific location!

Stress is a productivity killer and can easily pull everything you’ve worked towards apart

5. Make time for yourself

One of the most important tips that I can think of, make sure you give yourself a break, make time for yourself!

If you’re busy clearing out old boxes and cupboards, reacting to the daily to-do’s, planning for meetings and maintaining a project or to-do list when will you ever have time to rest, relax or even eat!

Make sure you find time to just be, put the phone on airplane mode, tune out for a bit, meditate even.  Stress is a productivity killer and can easily pull everything you’ve worked towards apart, so do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some quality time!

Share your tips!

These tips have worked well for me but everyone is different.  Do you think you could try any of the one’s I shared or perhaps you have some great organisational tips you could share?

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