5 Reasons why you should have a great business headshot

5 reasons why You should have a Great Headshot

Anthony Farrimond

It is well documented that we are in the digital age right now, customers flocking online to research and find out more about you and your company before they commit to buy or even before they contact you.  If you and your business have an online presence, it’s vital to get that first impression right.  So I’m going to share 5 reasons why you should have a great headshot!

1. What do you look like?

Have you ever attended a meeting, course, conference or even lunch and had no idea what your contact looked like?  Or worse still, not recognised them immediately because their Twitter profile photograph is of them on the beach with sunglasses on?  Without someone introducing you, for example a mutual business partner or receptionist, how will your clients recognise you?

2. Are you even real?

You have less chance of connecting with a prospective client online with the stock “no image” or your own company logo than you would if you have a professional headshot.  This is because since the dawn of social media, we have been bombarded with spam accounts and fake followers.  This leads nicely on to the next reason why you should have a great headshot!

we want to get this right so that our connections will trust us, that we are genuine

3.  Can I trust you?

I spoke earlier about the first impression, we want to get this right so that our connections will trust us, that we are genuine, honest and that we deliver.  How many social media accounts have you passed up on because their image was taken at a social occasion, blatantly out of date, on holiday?  I have personally seen professional LinkedIn accounts where an individual has used an old infant photograph.  What message does that put out there for you?

4. Where else can I find you?

Person branding is important for tying your web presence all together.  That’s not to say that all your social media accounts need to be exactly the same, but they all need to be shot around the same time and be consistent in appearance.  There is a higher chance of a connection following you on Twitter, automatically adding you on other networks, simply because they found your profile image elsewhere.  If they have searched for you on Google, and trust me they will, Google will present them with images and in turn, they will link to other pages you appear on.  Consistency is key!

5. Can I use your image?

Finally, you never know when someone is going to ask you for a professional headshot to feature you or highlight your organisation, so it’s just a good idea to have one on hand!

If you’re looking for the official word on what’s appropriate, LinkedIn have published their guidelines on ensuring you are seen in the right light, you can read it here.  So they are my 5 top reasons, can you think of any?  Whats the best and the worse you’ve seen? (not naming names!)

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