How to get a great business headshot

You are your own shop window for your career prospects, so in an age where your professional history is available at the click of a website, it’s vital that your online networking CV show you in your best light. It’s important to create the right image for your CV and professional networking profile.

I’d always recommend hiring a professional photographer, as time and money invested in your approach, will encourage employers to want to invest time and money in you. So how to start? Here are my five top tips:

Write a brief for your photographer

Before the day of the shoot, It will be important to make sure that your photographer knows as much about your expected outcomes as possible. What type of industry do you wish to work in? A corporate image will require different lighting and background to a more informal setting.

Dress like you already have the job

Clothing and mannerisms give HR Managers instant cues as to whether they feel a candidate is a good cultural fit for a job. Take time to think about your outfit for your photoshoot and think about how you want to stand, sit, lean. Your photographer will guide you on all of this and put you at ease, but it’s good to have an idea in mind of how you wish to be portrayed.

Relax and enjoy the time being photographed.

Don’t be too fashionable

Fashion moves so quickly, yet you might want to keep your professional photographs for a number of years. This is why I would recommend keeping clothing and accessory fairly neutral, along with hairstyles and makeup that might look out of place within the next few years

Wear the right shoes (or none at all)

Again, this is something that your photographer will guide you on, but wearing uncomfortable shoes will have an awkward knock-on effect through your entire body when posing, especially if you are a bit nervous! Try and feel as comfortable as possible, relax and enjoy the time being photographed.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you have an idea of how you wish to stand, or a certain location you want to use, make sure you suggest it to the photographer for their expert input. The outcome of any professional shoot should leave you with a product you’ll be proud to use, and this is always the result of teamwork between the photographer and client.