Industry-standard casting headshots for ambitious up-and-coming performers who need help realising their potential in front of the camera.

As an actor, headshots are your calling card to show casting directors and producers that you’re a serious actor. I help make the process easy so you can be in the audition room where you belong.


Your headshot is a vital part of your branding portfolio. It’s often the first time a casting director sees you, which makes choosing one that much more important.

I understand how important your headshot is when auditioning for a gig. After all, the right headshot can mean the difference between casting and no-callbacks. I help you create your personal brand – working with you to determine your goals and get one step closer to living your dream of being in front of the camera.

I couldn’t have asked for a better headshot experience. Not only do I absolutely love the final images, the whole session was so relaxed and comfortable.

Anthony has some beautiful locations right on his doorstep and knows exactly how to bring out the best in any client – the difference between the images at the start of the session and the resulting headshots was absolutely amazing! What sets Anthony apart is that he really takes the time to understand exactly who you are as a performer, both by having a discussion before the shoot and constantly during the session. He provides coaching that’s similar to an acting workshop and continually checks in to make sure you’re happy. Thank you so much Anthony – I feel so much more confident now!

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