ActorsLIFE Podcast – Casting Call

ActorsLIFE Podcast – Casting Call

Anthony Farrimond

You wake up with your script still in your hand, you’re late for work, the bus didn’t show, halfway to work you notice you’re wearing odd socks and that you didn’t bring your lunch and then you realise it’s Sunday, not Monday. #Actorslife.

For a while now I have been toying with starting a Podcast. Why? I think they’re fantastic, easy to access and are an amazing way to tell a story. I haven’t started one until recently as I wanted to find the right topic.

Rewind two years to when I created a small blog called Actors LIFE. The concept was to publish stories from actors, about their route into their profession, their highs, lows, funny and sad moments.

It was a great experience but family demands and the fact that these interviews demanded a readers time to get through meant I couldn’t continue to grow it the way I wanted.

But I didn’t give up on the idea of telling stories.

ActorsLIFE lives on, with a twitter account devoted to promoting any Actors out there tagging or tweeting to the account and today I’m announcing plans to start a Podcast where the blog left off.

Read on if you are interested in being a part of the Actors LIFE Podcast.

What is the Actors LIFE Podcast?

The Actors LIFE Podcast will be a series of intimate interviews between myself and actors of all types and status, across the UK and possibly beyond.

You’ll sit with me for a portrait, during which we’ll talk about you, your life and how your experiences sculpted your journey into the industry. I’ll ask questions from the highs and lows of your career to giving advice to your past self and everything in between.

Leaving no stone unturned we’ll learn what this Actors LIFE actually is.

Be a Part of It

Would you like to be part of this series of interviews? Click the link below, tell me about yourself and let’s work together to create amazing stories!

Anthony is best known as a leading headshot and portrait photographer, working primarily with actors & businesses across the UK.

He’s a blogger, speaker, coach and advisor

Want some quick advice?

I regularly schedule calls to answer your questions, it all starts with a quick message from you.

What sets Anthony apart is that he really takes the time to understand exactly who you are as a performer, both by having a discussion before the shoot and constantly during the session.

Lucy Ivison

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