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Welcome to the Actors LIFE Podcast by Anthony Farrimond. Conversations and interviews with actors and performance artists, sharing their experiences. Everything from big breaks to heartaches.

About ActorsLIFE

ActorsLIFE was started to be a conduit for likeminded people to come together, to celebrate all that is good about working within the Industry.

It’s also about storytelling.

Every society and culture has its stories and through sharing, they can entertain, educate, help to preserve a culture or instil moral values.

The ActorsLIFE Podcast is a series of interviews with creatives of all types, each sharing their stories. From childhood influences to experiencing the knock backs and everything in between. 

Anthony Farrimond

Anthony Farrimond


Share your Story

We would like you to share your story with us.

Geography is not an issue, we can record our interviews over the internet but there will be ‘specials’ where the interviews are recorded face-to-face with Anthony during one of his portrait sessions.

This is a Community podcast, so even if just want to have a question answered or you would like to share an anonymous anecdote which could be used during one of the episodes, you can do that here.

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