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I know what you are thinking right now!

You’re thinking about how much you hate having your photograph taken, right? You need fresh, dynamic headshots to give your career that professional boost and of course you want to look your best in them. If only the ‘standing in front of camera’ part didn’t have to happen first! Cause it’s nerve racking and awkward and you never like how you look in photographs anyway. Am I on the right track?

My name’s Anthony. I’m a Leeds-based headshot and personal branding photographer and I’m pretty sure I ‘ve got your back on this one!

You know that feeling when you wake up and no matter what’s going on in your life, you get in the shower and daydream about what could be? I’ve not always been a photographer – I’ve actually acted a great deal in my life – but the moment I took my first portrait it completley consumed me, it’s all I am able to think about at times.

My photography is my ‘thing’, my passion for it pushes me to almost breaking point in one moment to pure elation in the next. I know you know what I mean!

After my first school show I was hooked. I loved to sing (still do!), the spectacle of the theatre, flirting with the girls chorus in the wings. It literally broke me out of my shell and paved the way for my adult self, I became ambitious, confident, an explorer (not literally, more of a life thing!).

I did my Theatre Studies A-Levels and went on to read Acting at Bretton Hall which at the time was one of the most prestigious universities for the creative arts in the North of England. I discovered a love for producing and direction which was the focus of my final year of studies and my early career in the outside world.

Performing has and will always be in my blood.

The whole experience was cozy and cheerful from beginning to end, Anthony’s a lovely bloke who is very good and knowledgeable in what he does.

Kevin Abinilla

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