A little bitAboutMe

I play the guitar

I was trained to sing classically and did two seasons with the Halle Choir

I’m Grade 5 Piano

I have an eclectic taste in music

My secret obsession is singing along with karaoke tracks on YouTube

My first solo performance in front of an audience was playing a character called Antonio

My first dog was a rescue called Woodrow Wilson III, I called him Woody for short

I couldn’t chose not to grow a beard until my 40’s

One of my all-time favourite actors is Robin Williams

One of my earliest memories is sitting watching my Dad in his allotment

My first year in France I complained about the amount of galette we ate, I now own a crepiere and find any excuse to cook with it

How I ended up as a photographer

I remember sitting on the bus growing up and staring at the other passengers. If you looked at someone long enough (without them realising) you’d see who they truly were, that everyone I met on my journey was unique and beautiful in their own way.

I think that curiosity has always stuck with me and I stumbled into photography when my love of gadgets and a disposable income caught up with my viewpoint of the world!

I love working with people, making new connections and getting the opportunity to find out who they are.

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